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Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions on eco-friendly cosmetic products – do I use them and do I have recommendations? So, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorites on Green Tip Tuesday now and again.

Now, I’m no an expert. In fact, I’m continually learning, but in my ongoing attempts at creating a greener household, using green cosmetics and body products has definitely been on the agenda.

I’ve also added supporting smaller businesses (local if possible) lately to my growing green list though, I know there are times when you need something RIGHT NOW. Fortunately, there are more and more eco-friendly products gaining space on the shelves of bigger name stores too, but more on that later.

Sometimes the hardest part of buying a new untried product from a smaller store – say, for example, on Etsy  – is knowing if the product will have the quality that you are looking for. If you are concerned, I think there’s nothing wrong in asking for references or even samples. In fact, I bet these smaller companies are used to it.

I also know of other options if you’re wanting to try products before buying full size versions. There are two sources (that I know of) that will deliver a sampling of eco-friendly products to you each month (for a monthly fee).

The first option is White Apricot’s Green Grab Bag

For $15 dollars a month (shipping is free) you receive mini sizes of vegan and organic skin, makeup, haircare and fragrance delivered right to your door.

What they also give you is discount coupon codes to use to purchase full size versions of any of the products you like and want to continue to use.

It was in the Green Grab Bag that I learned about Naked Eye Beauty! Truly they have the BEST vegan rose tinted lip balm that I simply cannot live without now! You can purchase through their site or their Etsy store.

The second option is the Goodebox.

Every month, for $16 your receive 6 healthy, non-toxic trial size products delivered to you along with information on receiving at least 20% off of full size versions.

Some of your samples from this box can include products from Buddha Nose Organic Mind and Beauty Products – another company I LOVE -and they love too.  Their Bodhi Sugar Scrub, Organic Face and Body Cleanser is a staple by my tub!

For my final eco-cosmetic share this week, I’d like to include the INCREDIBLE rich body cremes, shea butters and divine sugar scrubs from Savvy Boheme!

Truly their products are incredible and as with a lot of small, earth-minded businesses they give a portion of the sale of each item to a charity – theirs being Bridges Safehouse, a transitional housing organization for pregnant homeless women.

Trust me on this, the Coffee House Collection is delicious!

I’ve also received a sample of their Summer Lovin’ Set that hasn’t been released yet. I can tell you, my dry winter arms are oh so grateful for the whipped shea butter I’ve been rubbing on them daily – and the scent!!!! It’s light and feminine and yes, it makes me think of summertime!

Do you have any eco-friendly cosmetic products you’d like to recommend I try? I’d love to hear about them.

I’ll be back to share more of my favorites soon!

Happy “Green” Tuesday,




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    • Oh I’ll have to check out 100% pure!! I love trying new companies until I find something I love and a tinted moisturizer is needed right now as I look like I live in Antarctica!! :)

  1. This is such an important subject!! It’s funny how many of us will be conscientious about cleaning products, laundry detergents, etc. and yet, totally ignore the ingredients in cosmetics. So many of them contain toxic chemicals which get absorbed into our bodies through our skin. Thank you for your recommendations and reminding us to read the labels and research all products … including cosmetics! :-)

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