Just for fun – here’s Pops and his friends on their annual surfing trip in Mexico!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Are you in line for your iPhone 5?

I’m hoping as you read this, that I’m in line or, even better, that I’m already downloading and setting up mine!

I haven’t had an iPhone since the 3, so I’m super excited!! I had to switch way back when because my ATT service just wasn’t cutting it. I was dropping calls ALL the time and it was so frustrating. I had to return to Verizon for better service at a time when the iPhone wasn’t available on their network.

I’ve been wanting to change to the iPhone for a while now, but was waiting for this upgrade and, can I just tell you, I’m sooooo ready!!

Not to bash my current phone, but it’s the pits for blogging and social media as no matter what I load onto it I get a “low disc space error” even when there’s 6.5GB available out of 7GB!!

Needless to say, it has made me a bit batty!!

Because I’m excited about jumping back in “big-time” to this social media game and just in case you don’t follow me just about everywhere, here are links to me wherever I can be found.

(I will follow back because that just makes this techie world we live in way more fun!!)

The “key” links:

and for even more fun….

WOW…did I forget anything?? I hope not!!

If you have a blog, please leave a link in the comments below so I can follow your posts there too!!

Thanks and Again – HAPPY FRIDAY!!