waiting in an airport

I do this every time we travel…stress about forgetting something.

We’re only gone for 5 days. Still there are some things that I’m simply lost without. I mean really, you don’t want to be around me if I don’t have these things.

Somehow, Pops can travel pretty much hands free and be calm and not worry about anything. On board, he usually only carries a book (and maybe a magazine) and his reading glasses. His lack of carrying “stuff” is simply not possible for me. Call it a phobia or a crazy delusion, call it whatever you like, it’s just not my reality.

I’m also making myself crazy thinking about all of the airport delays and plane cancellations I’ve heard about recently due to weather.

Truthfully, flying is just not my thing. I’m always in a slight panic when I have to fly. I’ve gotten better though. Just a few years ago I had major panic attacks any time I had to travel by air somewhere. A sad situation for anyone lucky enough to be traveling with me.

Now, it’s mostly just the thought of being without my “stuff” that creates a frenzy in my mind. Therefore, I try to carry ALL my important “things” on my person at all times. (A bit of a pain for my neck and back, but worth it, I say)

Here’s my carry-on packing list so far:

  • laptop
  • iPad
  • camera
  • cell phone
  • power/charger cords for all of the above
  • change of underwear
  • contacts
  • toothbrush
  • gum

Notice a trend?

Am I missing anything? (Gadget-wise I mean.)

I think I could pretty much survive with just these items for a few days anyways. Even if my bag never made it to my destination, I could be content with my toys.


I almost forgot the most important thing….

money for cocktails….why travel if you’re not going to indulge, right?!

tropical cocktail

(yes, I know the photo is  more of a tropical island kind of cocktail than a plane cocktail, but that’s the kind of delusions I’m having right now)

In fact, I think packing would go a lot smoother if I had a cocktail right now!

~ Lita


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