So, you know my eco-goals each year include lessening waste – including the waste of paper products.

We’ve done away with paper napkins at our house and also use paper towels minimally – we have quite a stash of good rags ready at all times to help with clean-ups, spills, etc.

We haven’t gotten away from toilet paper yet – and I’m going to be honest here, I don’t really see that happening anytime soon….call me old-fashioned.

Though, even if you’re not ready to give up all the ease of disposable products, there are definitely more eco-friendly product choices that you can make.

For example, using Emerald Eco Products.


These products have been around since 1997 offering sustainable options, many of which are 60-70% Tree Free.

They also offer a collection of Emerald Brand Cleaners:

Small samples of Eco cleaners available
Small samples of Eco cleaners available (love the scents!)

“The Emerald Brand cleaning products are made from readily renewable ingredients and offer you an alternative to the chemically laden brands commercially available. Our cleaners are free of NPE, irritants, fumes, butyls, phthalates and any known carcinogens or endocrine disruptors.”

They also offer eco-friendly party and tableware products with items ranging from USDA Bio-preferred certified tissue made partially from sugarcane to forks, spoons and knives derived from plant starch:


And, of course they offer Paper Products:


Notice the 70% Tree-Free symbol on the packaging. The products are made from a natural plant material called Bagasse – which comes from sugarcane – though no sweet sugary taste will be transferred to your food. The products are sturdy yet break down easily after being thrown away.

Just thought today I’d share a home eco-option with all of you – even if the only product you’re still working on being more earth-friendly about is in your bathroom.

The lovely people at Emerald Eco sent me a nice sampling of their products and I must thank them for giving me the opportunity to try them and to learn more about their company. There are definitely times when we’ve had get-togethers at our house with too many people for the amount of bowls, plates, glasses or silverware we have – these Emerald Brand products would make a great option for such occasions.

Happy Eco-Friendly Friday everyone!