One of my goals this year is to find peace with certain areas of my life.

Sounds good, right?! Yes, it sounds good, and my hope is that simply stating this goal will aid in making it come true.

So far, so good.

One area that I truly want to be at peace with is my body image. I know most, if not all women (and men), struggle in this area. We either think we’re too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too gray, too wrinkled, etc. etc. etc.

This year, I’m choosing to be at peace with myself and my body.

Whenever negative thoughts about my body enter my mind, I try to catch them and remember “I will be at peace with myself and bring peace to myself”.

I’m 44 for crying out loud and I, finally, just simply want to give myself the gift of love and acceptance of who I am. There are genetics at play here for goodness sakes!

I want to accept that I eat healthy and I exercise daily and well, that is doing all that I can now and it is enough.

I’ve trained and run a marathon in my life, I’ve biked across Italy, I’ve spun on a bike for 4+ hours, I’ve danced through 8+ hours of rehearsals and performances and I feel so lucky for having done so! My body has been able to do all of this and I’ve remained healthy through it all. AND yet I’ve never been at peace with my physical persona.

This is the year that ends! I’ve decided I simply must insist!

I will continue to respect my body giving it the nutrition and care that it needs, but I will also simply love it for exactly what it is at any and all given moments. I will give myself the gift of peace.

As long as I’m doing what I can do, well that simply has to be enough.

AND even when I have off days, well, I will embrace and love myself on those days too!

So, there, I’ve stated my goal. I’m putting it here in blog space and I intend to stick to it – not just this year, but evermore….for as long as I inhabit this planet.

We have to love and celebrate and simply embrace our differences, our own beauty, our personal beings and find peace with ourselves because I truly believe that until we do, we won’t find peace anywhere else.

Please join me and let’s all bring more love and peace to this world through our love with our own beings – and let’s see how that peace will spread – I’m betting it will.

Lovingly Yours,



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  1. Jen, this is a huge issue for most people and I’m wishing you to accomplish your goal and feel good with yourself, the feeling is amazing :)))

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