I’m an optimist. Always have been and always hope to be. I’m not saying I haven’t had “down” times. I have, but overall, I think I’m a pretty upbeat person. So, I thought I’d share 5 of the tips I use for finding peace that I hope will bring about more happiness and joy in other people’s lives.

Tips for Finding Peace

1. First, leave last year where it belongs – in the past. Try to find peace with the way things are or have been. This isn’t a forgive-and-forget concept, it’s a bit different. What I mean is move forward, learn from the past and set goals for your future with an expectation of joy and success. Even if your plans falter, keep moving forward because, well, it’s the best (and only) option.

Finding Peace

2. Send some positivity out into the world each day. Either on social media or in person. Not only will the other person benefit, but you will too – it’s a win/win situation.

3. Notice all the simple beauty around you. You can take the time to actually count your blessings or create a list of things your grateful for (i.e. starting a gratitude journal). Or you can also keep this step as simple as taking a moment each day to notice the beauty around you – a flower blooming, the sun shining, a child’s smile. I believe every positive thought you think can bring about more positive thoughts and can set you along a happier path.

Finding Peace

4. Be nice to yourself each and every day! Watch your words and speak nicely to yourself and about yourself – even those thoughts you hear only in your head. Be able to laugh at your goofs and take compliments on your successes. Learn how to simply say “thank you” when someone says something nice about you or to you. Showing yourself respect is the first step in others giving you respect. And remember, no one can offend you, unless you allow them to. Knowing you’re trying to be the best YOU you can be at any moment is all that can be asked of you.

5. This one sort of goes along with #4, but it is important enough to have it’s own number – do something nice/special for yourself each day. It doesn’t need to take long or cost money. Maybe just take extra time massaging cleanser or lotion onto your skin or take a moment to rub your own feet or massage your temples. My favorite thing to do each day (or even in bed before I get up or go to sleep) is to take a few minutes to really, consciously “breathe” – nice and slow and thoroughly. This is such a simple way to care for your body – and it may help to alleviate stress or anxiety.

Bonus Inspiration #1 for Finding Peace

Have you read “The Four Agreements”?by Don Miguel Ruiz? If not, I highly recommend this book. It’s a quick and simple read that can have a profound affect on your life. (The following image contains an affiliate link to the book on Amazon).

I love all four of the agreements listed in this book. What I have found though is whenever I’m feeling down, a lot of the time it’s because I’m taking something personally – letting someone else’s opinion or negativity into my own head. Fittingly, one of the four agreements is “Don’t take Anything Personally”. It sounds simple, but at times it can be a challenge. I try to always do the best I can do at any time and I try to remember that I have no idea what the “other” person may be going through. This helps me feel empathy for others and keep peace for myself.

Bonus Inspiration #2 for Finding Peace

Interested in learning to meditate? My husband has found an app that is super easy to use to begin your path into meditation. It’s called HEADSPACE.

Brentwood Home

You can try it for 20 days free right now and begin learning to meditate in only 10 minutes a day.

Bonus #3 Best Guided Meditations For Sleep

Ready to unlock inner peace and find deep relaxation for the best sleep of your life? Here is a great link from Nestmaven including a variety of guided meditations. There’s also tips for helping kids meditate to sleep better. Be sure to check out the Nestmaven site  – there’s so much to read and also information on sleep disorders.

Do you have any tips for Finding Peace in the New Year? I’d love to hear them – please share in the comments below.


Just for fun, I will be giving away 3 copies of The Four Agreements to random commenters below. You have nothing to lose if you enter and possibly you could gain some peaceful inspiration. I’ll pick the winners sometime in the first week of the new year!

Happy 2017! I hope it’s everyone’s best year yet!


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  1. This is so helpful, thank you for sharing! I am loving your blog too by the way, keep up the great work.. you should be proud of it! x


  2. Great post 2016 has been the most challenging and awful year for me losing my sister and not knowing how to deal with it, im hoping to be more mindful and stress free in 2017 so reading your tips is my start xx

    • Oh Caroline, I’m am so sorry to hear about your sister! I lost my brother suddenly a little more than 10 years ago and there are still days when my grief is so intense I feel paralyzed! I truly hope you can find peace. My husband reminds me that we don’t show those we’ve lost our love for them by how much we grieve for them, but by how well we live our lives in their name. Lots of hugs to you!

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