Another day and more fun in NYC…

This day, we began our tour around the city by visiting ground zero (the 911 Memorial) – therefore, this day began with a lot of tears from yours truly.

911 Memorial
I would sincerely recommend you have tickets when visiting – and it is incredibly easy to get them. You can get them either online or at the ticket center located a couple of blocks from the site entrance. We went into the ticket center thinking it might be a while until we could get a timed entrance, but we were given tickets to enter straightaway – bypassing a lot of stand-by people waiting in line.

911 Memorial

This was such a powerful place to visit. It’s as if I could feel all the sadness, hope, strength, compassion, fear and love that has been felt by others here. I don’t really have the words to do justice to the emotions I experienced.

After our visit to the memorial site, we headed uptown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Chris, Sam, Nia, myself and Pops at the Met
Chris, Sam, Nia, myself and Pops at the Met

Truth be told, Pops and I made 2 visits to the Met spending a few hours each time and still we did not see all we wanted to see. This museum is magnificent!


Seeing all the artwork is completely overwhelming and, as I’ve experienced at museums in Italy and Paris, your mind reaches a point of saturation where you can just not take in any more visuals.

A perfect time to take a stroll in Central Park!

Central Park

Just a glorious day in the park!

Jim&Jen Central Park

So, you might be thinking, all this touring around is fun, but didn’t you come to New York with a purpose?

Well, yes, we did, and this evening we went to the Chelsea Cinemas to view Sam’s documentary “Hawaiian – The Legend of Eddie Aikau” (showing in the Tribeca Film Festival) for the first time on the big screen!

Chelsea Cinemas

Again, with the tears for me!! Though I’ve seen this movie a handful of times now, and I know what happens, I still tear up at the end. Seeing Sam stand before the audience for a Q&A following the film, and feeling such happiness and pride for him, brought along more tears. What an incredible experience!

Oh and taking time to pose on the “red carpet” wasn’t so bad either!

Red Carpet Photos

Three words – SO.MUCH.FUN!

We extended the fun of this evening by heading to Pastis for a wonderful dinner there.

Pastis Dinner NYC

Pastis Dinner NYC

Pastis Dinner NYC

Beautiful place + beautiful friends + delicious food = FABULOUS evening!

After dinner and visiting and the evening being super late it was time to retire for the day. I must give myself a small pat-on-the-back for leading to the train station and getting us home quickly and safely.

Final morning to share tomorrow – be ready for a surprise!



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  1. So much fun! Thank you for sharing all the adventures in NY. Glad the trip was successful not only for Sam’s movie but for all the sighting seeing and experiences!

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