Biking San Francisco

So, lately I’ve been a little bit obsessed with cycling.

Well, maybe not a little bit…but rather a big bit!

Years ago, Pops and I used to ride a tandem together – ride a whole lot actually – as in over 1,000 miles one year.

We also took a bike tour and rode across Italy (from Pisa to Venice) one summer – such a fantastic trip!!!

But, since those tandem and touring days, I haven’t really been biking much. I’m not truly sure why, but I just kinda stopped riding.

Though there have been times that I’ve missed our rides and our chats along our rides and the scenery around this beautiful Bay Area, I never seemed to be able to motivate myself to get out there and go by myself.

That is until I started riding to and from work a few weeks ago.


Even after the first trip into the office, I was hooked.

I’m super happy now because I’m loving riding again – and not fearing going out on my own. I’m riding at least twice a week to work and home now with one longer, fun ride with Pops on the weekends and enjoying every second of it!

This past weekend we loaded up our bikes and drove up to S.F., hopped out by Red’s Java House…

Red's Java House

started cycling along the Embarcadero….

Bay Bridge SF

Pops in SFand began our fun adventure ride across the Golden Gate, through Sausalito….


Biking in Marin

along the edge of Belvedere….

Bay view from Marin
View across Bay from Belvedere (the fog was only at the Bay center)

and on into Tiburon….

Riding in Tiburon

As you can see, the weather was amazing!!

What an absolute fabulous time we had riding together…from the sunshine and amazing views all the way down to our delish lunches of avocado sandwiches:

Avocado Sandwich
yes, that’s San Francisco Sourdough (vegan)

I’m feeling so happy about this rediscovered love of biking, that I simply wanted to share it!

One of the perks – riding doesn’t even feel like exercise to me – though I do feel super healthy when I’m out in the fresh air riding along (yes, even when I’m sweating).

We took the ferry from Tiburon back across the Bay – which was such a treat with these views:

Golden Gate Bridge

Tanker heading out to sea

SF skyline from Ferry

Next time, we’re thinking of taking the Ferry to Angel Island to bike around there. If you’ve ever ridden there, please share some tips with us!!

Happily Riding Along,





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  1. Yep! Ted and I have cycled to the top of Angel Island. It’s an easy ascent as I recall, but it’s been a long long time?! You might want to pack a picnic? I’m not sure what’s available on the island itself, but I imagine you could google it to find out.

    One of these days, we’d love to meet up w/you and do a ride in the City or in our neck of the woods/pasture ‘-)!


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