Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

I hope everyone will be able to spend some time with loved ones today….family….friends…both.

bloom love

Pops and I don’t usually do anything big on Valentine’s Day – just being together exchanging cards (often homemade) is special enough for us – plus I’m kinda that person who doesn’t really “love” to go out to eat. So, we’ll be staying in this evening with our Bubba enjoying our little home and possibly watching a movie.

I started the day at the dentist getting work done on a cracked tooth, so I’m probably not going to indulge in a lot of vegan sugary chocolates today either (though I could change  my mind about that as the day goes on and, if I get the “baking bug” tonight – I do have some vegan butterscotch chips waiting to be put to some good use!)

I thought I’d share something a little different today on this blog. I’ve been consumed with taking photos and playing with edits lately and thought I should start sharing some for feedback and well, for fun.

Since it’s Valentine’s and since flowers can be a big part of this day, I played with a flower photo I took in my garden last summer. Here are some of the versions I came up with:

Flower 1
Version 1 – a little lightening and softness added
version 2
Version 2 – more lightening and a paleness factor added for more softness
version 3
Version 3 – a film noir black and white effect added
version 4
Version 4 – a sunflare option and adding more dimension to a creamy view
version 5
Version 5 – an intense velvetine coloring added to deepen the colors

The original flower shot details are: 35 mm f/4.0 ISO 400 1/60 sec.

Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph because well, they’re beautiful and therefore usually make for lovely photos.

I use Lightroom to catalog and to make initial edits – also for adding and trying different preset looks. Then I open the files in Photoshop for sharpening, adding textures, text, etc.

Do you have a favorite of the versions above?

I think I’m partial to version 4 right now – but as with everything, that can change with my moods. I love the added depth shown in the flower petals.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some flower photos! Have a wonderful (long) weekend everyone!

happiness flower