Seriously, I LOVE Disney….not as much as I love the two handsome guys above, but, truly, I LOVE it A LOT!!!

(and I might add, that I don’t even pretend to understand those who don’t…I mean what’s wrong with having some fun with our imaginations – we ALL can use that!)

So, during this past week, as both boys were on Winter Break, and as Libby was down in LA for work, we planned a surprise for the monkeys and I picked them up Wednesday evening and flew down to LAX with them.

Disney Trip
monkeys at the airport with me…they’re so fun to travel with – they really watch after me and make a big deal about taking care of me

Libby picked us up at the airport, we spent the night with her in her hotel room…

Chunk Sleeping
He still looks like the little baby angel I used to know…the one who is not about to pass me in height – probably within the year – or who has bigger feet than I do already!

…and headed to Disney’s California Adventure for the day!!

Disney Crew

I probably shouldn’t share this information, but Winter Break is a GREAT time to go to the parks…perfect weather, not crowded…pure BLISS!

We did what you do at Disney…we rode rides…

Disney rides

Disney rides

Disney rides

Disney rides

Disney rides

Disney rides

Disney Tower of Terror
Um…yes, we ALL rode the Tower of Terror – though I think the boys would really like to forget this moment in the day!

We ate healthy vegan food….well, doesn’t everyone? (okay maybe that was just me)….

vegan food at Disney

We goofed off and saw shows…

Disney 3D


We enjoyed the beautiful scenery…




We enjoyed snacks and us “older kids” gave thanks to the Disney execs who chose to offer adult libations at the park….

Disney LibationsAND, of course, we visited CARS Land!

Cars Land


Cars Land

Cars Land

Cars Land

Cars Land

Basically…we had one of those days where you love who you’re with, where you are and what you’re doing!

A day to CHERISH!!!

When evening came….we left the park, headed back to the airport and flew home….


…..home to dream dreams of the wonderful day we had!!






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