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When I was at BlogHer14 (in what seems like forever ago now) I was introduced to this amazing flower company called the Bouqs at the convention expo.

Now I don’t know about you, but I seem to send a lot of flowers to family and friends throughout the year. Maybe it’s because I live so far away from everyone and, well, isn’t it always fun to receive flowers?!

The Bouqs company offered to send me a free bouquet so I could see first-hand how awesome their flowers are and how easy it was to place an order.

So, I took them up on their offer and here’s what I received:

the bouqs rose bouquet bouqus-2 bouqus-3

The most amazingly (is that a word) gorgeous, huge bouquet of roses!! Seriously, look at those colors!!!

Here’s what the Bouqs site showed as the bouquet I ordered:

bouqus-5 bouqus-7

and let’s just say I was NOT disappointed!

Wondering how their flowers come to you in such a gorgeous state? Well, it’s probably because they ship straight from an active volcano or from sunny California.

Here are some other facts about the company that has me sold:

  • They source only from eco-friendly, sustainable farms that respect the environment and their workers.
  • They cut only what they sell.
  • They save energy by using cold storage for only 4 days from the Volcano, and not at all from California, resulting in a lot of energy savings compared to other chains that have to keep their cut flowers cold for up to 2 weeks.
  • Their farms provide living wages, childcare, healthcare and adult education.

For more information, watch this quick video from their site.

What did I like best about their site – the SIMPLE ordering!! One flat rate of $40 (which includes shipping) and a super quick checkout compared to other companies.

I also like their Concierge Service – which gives you a discount for placing multiple on-going orders. I’ve already used this service and am super happy with it – anything that makes my life easier is a plus!

If you sign up with them and get 2 friends to sign up, you can even get a free bouquet for yourself! AND I have noticed that they seem to always have deals and incentives – as in order a bouquet and get double the amount of stems for the same price!! It’s worth it to sign up for email notifications with them just to be notified of the specials they seem to always have going on.

Bouqs roses

I was super happy with my bouquet and even 8 days later, the roses were still beautiful and brightening my home.

Needless to say, I’m sold on the Bouqs as my new flower ordering service. So much so that I put a link on the right-hand side of this site for linking directly to them.

I’d love to hear if you give them a try and your thoughts on the flowers you receive. Right now I’m eyeing this Fall bouquet for…well…myself actually :)

Fall Bouq



Disclaimer: Yes, I did receive a free bouquet from the Bouqs – the bonus was I ordered it when they had a “double the stem” offer going, so I actually received enough roses for 2 bouquets and was able to share a vase-full with a co-worker! Happiness times TWO!!