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My favorite site to purchase gently used children’s clothing (while raising money to support schools in need) Schoola has a new program called #GivingStyle ready for all you fabulous parents to participate in.


I’m so excited about this and all the Schoola programs! This amazing company is growing and currently has 3,000 schools that they’re helping. 

What does Schoola do?

Schoola brings new paints to art classes, new instruments to the orchestra and new books to the libraries of schools using 40% of the proceeds they raise.

How does Schoola do this?

They take in quality clothes and give them a second life – recycling and selling them on their site. Here’s an example of recent items for sale:


Seriously…look at those prices!!! I’ve gotten great outfits for the monkeys on this site – some pieces have even come to me with the tags still on them!

To show off an outfit from their stash, the good people at Schoola sent me an outfit for Westly to wear and show off his fabulous modeling skills.

Schoola Westly

The t-shirt is from The Gap, the shorts are from Volcom AND the beautiful posing angel is from heaven!

I’m so happy he’s so willing to participate in these adventures with me.

The outfit also came with this very smart looking sweater from Lands End:

Lands End Sweater from Schoola

What a stylish outfit on a super handsome guy, don’t you think?!

Total price for the outfit: $22.77 – and $9.10 went to help school art, music and p.e. programs all around the country!

Seriously, can you beat that??

Not only do you get inexpensive, quality clothing for your child, but you get to do good by supporting School and their programs!


If you place an order at Schoola between now and October 12th, use the code givingstyle to get a 25% discount on your order!

So, I say, start some holiday shopping early and place an order at Schoola now!

Oh, and don’t forget if you have clothing to donate, request a bag on their site too!

Westly Schoola

Please consider trying Schoola – I just know you won’t be dissapointed!

For me, it simply feels good to do good!


Disclaimer: as stated above the outfit Westly is wearing was given to me by Schoola. I have also purchased clothing from their site and have truly been very happy with what I’ve received. Check out my post about this here. I will definitely be purchasing from Schoola and supporting schools in need again!