Aaahh this boy!! My youngest Grandson Westly – my hubby’s “mini-me”. He is in-a-word just AWESOME!


Westly posing in hat

He keeps us all so very entertained with his constant chatter, ideas, expressions and love.


He has such incredible self-expression and self-confidence and oh my gosh I hope he never loses these parts of himself. I hope he never finds himself doubting any goal he sets himself after.

Oh and I don’t think I’m biased when I say he’s just so stinkin’ handsome!


He has his own ideas of things he wants to do – such as Scottish Dance.

Westly dancing

Our job, as his Grandparents, is just to love him…to support and encourage and love him.

His latest expression of what he’d like to try…modeling…

Westly posing

If you ask me, he has what it takes – he’s an individual…

Westly headshot

and his Lita is one of his biggest cheerleaders!!

love you monkey,