O Olive Oil & Vinegar

Joy oh joy oh joy!!

During our trip to Spain – the glorious land of olives and tapas – I received an email from the O Olive Oil & Vinegar company
asking me if I would be interested in trying and reviewing their olive oils and vinegars.

What timing!!

Of course I said YES!!

I’m so happy I did!!

First, a little about the company. O OLIVE OIL & VINEGAR is the premier producer of California specialty olive oils and wine vinegars.

3 olive oils

O was the first in this country to crush organic citrus with olives to produce our signature line of oils. They sent me olive oils flavored with fig, meyer lemon and blood orange.

fruit collage

What does this mean?

Well, it means the O Olive Oils are unique, organic and have delicious citrus flavors that complement pretty much anything you pour them on – at least this is what I’ve found.

The O Vinegars are made using an old world Orleans method of natural aging the vinegar in wood barrels rather than mechanically force-aging them. This gives their vinegars a “distinctly earthy, fruity flavor” as said by 2003 Cook’s Illustrated.

I received the white balsamic vinegar and champagne vinegar to sample.

2 vinegars

These products have won over 17 trophies at the annual International fancy Food Show in New York City.

AND more importantly, they’ve won major praise here in my humble home.

As we’re trying to keep up on our nightly “tapas-time” and relive our time in Spain, we’ve been enjoying using the different oils and vinegars as dips for breads,

olive tapas

dressings for salads and

spinach salad

marinades for roasted veggies.

as you can see, my other veggies are on the sheet too

There are lots of recipe ideas on the O Olive Oil website too.

As a healthy option, olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids – considered a healthy dietary fat which when used instead of saturated and trans fats can help lower your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. I’ve also read that vinegar can help lower your levels of blood sugar.

Now I’m not a doctor and don’t claim to know nearly enough about these topics, but I do know what tastes good and I’ll be sticking with using our delicious O Olive Oils & Vinegars as often as possible because they’re just DELISH!

O Olive Oil & Vinegar

Have any fun ways of using olive oil in your cooking or home, please share in the comments below!


Disclaimer: Yes, I did receive these olive oils and vinegars to try free of charge, but my opinions on how much I love these olive oils and vinegars are all my own.


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  1. I will definitely be trying these…the citrus flavored ones especially. I was so disheartened when I learned that so many olive oils you buy now are not pure oils. By purchasing oils like these you have here, I can rest assured I am getting exactly the oil that the bottle says it is. thank you so much for sharing your review.

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