Spring Fun

I hesitate to even speak of Springtime as most of my New England relatives deal with yet more snow!


there are absolutely beautiful signs of Spring happening around here.

First, there’s the arrival of Martha Stewart’s April/Springtime/Easter magazine edition:

Martha Stewart Living magazine

Which I happily got to enjoy reading while sitting at the park as the bulldog roamed around….well, he roamed after he lounged on the blanket with me making sure I was safe (safe from what, who knows!):

Park Bubba

Coincidently, after receiving this issue with the nest featured on the cover, I found this perfect little nest in our yard…isn’t nature just amazing?!?!

Spring nest

I’m going to have to do some Spring / Easter photo fun set-ups with this beauty! I’m in awe of how perfectly it’s made.

There have also been a few little seedlings starting to pop up this week:

Spring seedlings

Like baking bread, seeing these little ones grow makes me so stinkin’ excited!

I’m adding growing all our own lettuce for salads this year to my list of things to try…here’s my first attempt.

growing lettuce

The only problem I foresee is I think this little cutie is just to precious to eat!!! I’m sure I’ll get over this at some point though.

We are truly blessed with some amazing weather out here right now. Here’s a shot of the view I took from San Jose’s City Hall this afternoon:

downtown San Jose

Nothing to complain about here in Silicon Valley (except maybe the traffic)….so sorry for all of you still shoveling snow…please don’t hate me!

If it helps to know, we had a 2.9 earthquake here in the town I live in this morning. Of course, I thought it was just an rumble from the home construction going on behind our home. I didn’t even realize it was an earthquake until my daughter Libby texted me to see if we were okay.

Here’s to hoping everyone enjoys some Spring beauty soon!!