Um, so you may have noticed there’s not a lot of posting going on here at the blog this year. I assure you though, there is more posting happening on other social media platforms and hope you will join me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

I’m finding that finding the time to post has become, well….complicated….but in a good way. Life is good, work is busy and even though my 2015 motto of the year is “hit the easy button”, I feel very busy.

So…….I thought I’d start a possible trend on posting (when I can) and create a “Series” of images about what is going on around here.

Bubba at the park

First, Bubba is doing well….knock-on-wood, no Frenchie back issues or allergy issues at this time. We’ve gotten into the habit of visiting the park on some weekend afternoons and just relaxing. He, of course, relaxes for a moment, and then goes about his business of sniffing and rolling in the grass as he checks out other people and dogs who are also there.

This photo was taken with my friend Matt George’s lensbaby lens….oh, how I need one of these!!!

Bubba pose

You almost can’t tell what kind of shot you’ll get until you see it on screen…so much FUN!!!

Baseball season has begun for the monkeys!! Below Hunter is playing catcher! Both boys are playing and it’s lots of fun to see how much they grow from year to year.


Westly is still enjoying Scottish Dance….truly, he loves the performing!! This kid was made to be on a stage – he just simply thrives when he has an audience.

Westly Scottish Dance

Scouting is also going strong. It makes Pop’s heart just so happy to see these guys so involved in Scouting. Pops’s dad worked for the Boy Scouts his whole life and since we only had girls around here, we didn’t get a chance to participate in the boy scout world…and I can just say he is so PROUD of how involved Libby and Robert are with the boys and Scouting!

Boys Scouting

My New Year’s resolution to make all my own bread this year has not been broken yet! It is truly ridiculous how excited I get when a loaf is baking – truly it is! I’m simply crazy about it and am constantly looking for and trying new recipes. Learning to bake bread has been a goal of mine for so long, and I’m just so happy to be following through with this now!

baked bread

OH and it just tastes so YUMMY!!! My addiction below is homemade bread toasted with avocado and Tajin chili/lime seasoning…oh my!!!

bread with avocado

Healthy, plant-based (vegan) living is still a household staple around here.

stir fry

My new addiction is adding garlic chili sauce to just about everything!

garlic chili sauce

and it seriously goes with just about everything!!!

Spring has definitely sprung around here….AND my favorite freesia bulbs are blooming…I seriously cannot get enough of their scent!!!



Biking is BACK!!


I shot the above image on one of my first commuting rides home from work. Aaaahhh this is why I ride…well, this and the alone time that helps me clear my head! The weather is perfect now!!

Recently Pop’s and I saw these cuties on one of our weekend rides:

deer in a field

I get so very excited seeing views like this and am so grateful for being able to bike through areas with them!!

As I mentioned above, work is busy…in a good way. Our office moved this year to a new location (still downtown San Jose) and I’m happy to report we’re out of cubes and into offices again!! I’m also happy to say my Mom sent me some of Dad’s wood-cut artwork for my office…love having them to look at throughout the day!

office shots

So, how’s that for a quick and random update about what’s going on around here?!

It’s not all that’s been going on, but it’s a start!!

Speaking of things starting….you HAVE to check out my good friend Nia Peeple’s new site – Beautiful by Nia

The site is in the beginning phases, but if you go over now and subscribe you will get a DELISH Kale salad recipe – inspired by Esalen! A scrumptious standard in both our homes!

Thanks for checking in and I hope to be sharing more here soon…but just in case I lag, please follow me on other social media outlets: InstagramFacebookPinterest and Google+

All the Best,