Even though I haven’t finished posting about our Utah trip (some things came up), I’m leaping ahead to share our train trip adventure from this past week.

Sacramento Train Fun

To kick off summer with the monkeys, Pops and I decided to take the Capitol Corridor Amtrak train from San Jose to Sacramento to visit the train museum there.

If you have little ones who love trains, or if you love trains, then this is the museum to visit.

Sacramento Train Museum

History and hands-on experiences abound in this place. It was sS\o much fun actually getting to go into different train cars.

See the train car Hunter is in below? Can you even imagine jumping up onto this car as it’s moving down the tracks??

The actors in movies make it look so easy….they must all be a LOT taller than I am.

Hunter at Train Museum

One of our favorites was seeing this steam engine. It was just so massive in size!! We got to go inside the front where they drive the train and it was so high up off the ground…

steam engine

… and there were a bagillion knobs and levers inside there to control it! (knobs to turn and levers to pull – what little kid doesn’t like that?!?)

Steam Engine

It was also fun to walk through the different “fancy” cars – sleepers, dining rooms, kitchens, etc. I promise I was envious of the cars that were decorated like living rooms and libraries – I could totally see living in luxury on a train like that!

dining train car

After our visit to the museum, we took a lunch stop and visited Old Town Sacramento (which is right next door).

AND, of course, on this warm day, we had to have ice cream and then a dip in the pool back at our hotel (which was across the street).

Sacramento afternoon

After such a full day, it was time to collapse before day 2’s adventures!

Sacramento sleepers

Day 2 included stops to the Sacramento Zoo, historic Sutter’s Fort and the State Indian Museum.

Sacramento zoo

We got to the zoo early and it was a good call as most of the animals were up and about before the day warmed up too much.

It was so much fun even on a pretty warm day.

Sacramento zoo

Next stop….the State Indian Museum & Sutter’s Fort.

State Indian Museum

Sutter's Fort

Did I mention that we used Uber to get us from place to place?? My first time using Uber and it was so easy and super fun for the boys and I to submit a request and then watch the driver’s car approach us on the map through the app.

After two wonderful and full days in Sacramento, we headed back to the train station for our trip back home to San Jose.

Amtrak train

AND so summer begins!! More adventures to report soon!

Happy Summer everyone!