Wow, there are a lot of “opinions” out there lately! Opinions on many, many topics. The blogging world has been shaken around this week with controversy over “Mommy Bloggers” and truths and authenticity and the judgements have been released like a swarm of locusts.

Lots and lots of thoughts and opinions have been shared:

  • Strong Opinions
  • Valid Opinions
  • Loud Opinions

And I admit, I love it. I can read almost anything and feel where the person is coming from and send my heart out to them…. well, let’s be honest, my heart goes out to almost everyone.

I mean how blessed are we to live in a society and culture where opinions can be expressed, felt and shared. Even if I don’t agree with you (as you most surely don’t agree with everything I feel or say) I like to hear your expressions and contemplate your thoughts and I’m ever grateful that I can still come up with my own opinions and views.

Me- well, let’s face it, I live a BLESSED life. I admit it, I appreciate it and I’m ever-grateful for it.

That’s not to say my life has been complete bliss and all happy-go-lucky. Fortunately, for all the heartbreak, tragedy and pain I’ve been through, life has gone on and given me many moments of joy, love and kindness.

If you’re hoping for a post with some controversy, well here’s a topic for you: I’m primarily VEGAN.

Calm down, I’m not going to attack you, haunt you or even argue with you about your food or animal opinions. While I believe in my choices with my whole heart, I believe you are allowed to believe in yourself and your choices with your whole heart, too. That is life, that’s what makes it interesting. I can only live my life by example and with my own convictions and if that impacts or affects you, well, I’m truly flattered….honored even.

BUT, I know and I accept that I’m not perfect.

I’m not perfect in so many ways, I’m not a perfect Catholic, I’m not a perfect (Step) Mom, Grandmother, Daughter, friend, co-worker, blogger – I’m not perfect at ANYTHING! Not even a perfect VEGAN! So, please, please don’t hold me to any perfection model you have!

My opinion at this time? There’s just way too much negativity out there.

And who am I?

Well, I’m that person who wants to share what I love…not in a fake way, but in an authentic way. And, who am I authentically? Well in a nutshell, I’m a person who recently fell back in love with blogging and the social media world. Why? Well, because I became part of a Disney movie blogging group. I LOVE Disney, I love movies and along with that, I LOVE the positivity and happy people that go along with these things.

There! I said it! I’m being authentic, judge if you will.

What’s my goal? To share happiness with others.

Does that sound sappy? Well, you’re allowed your opinion, but I’m a girl who’s glass will always be half-full because I believe life is just too short for there to be anything less. AND with all the people struggling in life with so many things including depression and life’s many hardships, I feel blessed, truly blessed to be in this state of mind at this time.

I’m going to be heading across the country soon to be with my Mom as she goes through a major surgery. Who knows what the outcome will be? I need to hold on to my perspective, my positivity and my senses through this. Not just for myself, but for her because she deserves my love, my positivity, my light. She deserves only the BEST of me if I can be that – and I will falter, I will stress, I will panic, I will cry, but I will LOVE and share love with her, too.

AND, sharing love and happiness and positivity is the biggest part of me…the part I choose to give. Judge me if you will, like me if you can and believe in me if you feel it.

The moral of this rambling post (if there is one) is please, please, let people be who they are, let them be, let them share if they need to and then, have faith, share light, share love, be patient and be kind because who doesn’t need or cannot benefit from that? If they share something you judge as negative try to come from a place in your heart to feel the pain or anguish they may be going through and turn right around and send them love and understanding. Even if you can’t or won’t express that to them with words, just send it out to them in thought.

AND feel free to call me on myself when I’m snarky, sassy and just simply annoying – I’m a big girl, I can handle it and we’ll be closer for it! AND you can be sure that those expressions are huge part of me too!

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