I was asked by the good people at AdoreMe to write about my perfect night in. Honestly, if you know me, you know that would mean a night at home with my hubby and Bubba the Frenchie, enjoying a glass of wine, a tasty dinner and a movie. Of course, the candles would be lit in our little cabin home and there would be a fire burning in the fireplace. Then we would find the perfect movie to watch as we snuggle warm and toasty together.

candles in a cabin setting

(AdoreMe provided the inspiration for this post, but it is not sponsored and all opinions are definitely mine!)

Perfect Night In

I’m not much of a “going-out-on-the-town” kind of girl and would much rather be warm and snug here at home with my guys. Our home is a tiny home, and perfect for us with the warm cabin feel and lots of happy family memories. We have knotty pine walls and a lovely brick fireplace (our home was built back in the 1930s). All of these features just speak comfort to me. It is the home I’ve lived in the longest and, I hope to enjoy many more happy years here.

our fireplace

I’m blessed (and yes pretty spoiled) because almost every night is the perfect night in for me. I love coming home from my workout, cooking dinner and relaxing in my happy place.

Netflix and Chill

AdoreMe gave me numerous post inspiration topics and their idea of Netflix and Chill is the one that spoke to me. It most closely resembles my perfect night in – and there’s definitely lost of movie watching going on around here! When I first heard from AdoreMe all I could think about was lingerie – but their site offers so much more including comfy pjs. Comfy pajamas are a staple for me around here! We’ve had lots of rain this winter here in Northern California, and it’s always nice to come home from work and put on something super comfortable to enjoy my evenings at home.

home watching tv


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By the way, here are the pjs that look super comfy to me!


So, what would be your perfect night in? Are you a out-on-the-town kind of person, or stay-at-home person like me?