After 48+ years on this Earth, I have learned that absolutes and extremes can change through time especially as related to personal fashion and style. My own personal style has changed a lot over the years. I’m definitely not living in the “New Wave 80’s” style I found fashionable in High School and College. Nowadays, I prefer a more “hippie”/Boho style of dress. Yes, I’ve given up on those second-hand store long blazers, the short-on-one-side/long-on-the-other-side haircuts, the overuse of eyeliner, the ever-changing hair color(s) and the multiple ear and nose piercings. Not that I see anything wrong with these styles, they just aren’t an expression of “me” at this time in my life. I’m a firm believer that we are all allowed to change our “style” to whatever makes us feel like ourselves even as that belief changes through the years.

My Fashion Fears

face your fashion fears

I admit that there have been many times I’ve felt insecure and fearful of trying to wear styles I’ve found attractive but have thought are just not “right” for me. I’ve avoided these looks even when my husband (and biggest supporter) has said he thinks I could pull them off. Not that he doesn’t like the flowing, softer look I mostly choose to dress in, but he has expressed an interest in my occasionally wearing outfits that are more fitting to show off my “curves”.

Dia & Co.

Dia&Co. (an online personal styling company) is promoting a fashion challenge to face your fears and the idea that certain clothing styles are only for certain people and certain body types. They want to do away with the days where people hide behind boring wardrobes out of a fear of expressing their true style loves.

My body type is not only “curvy”, but I’m also on the shorter side (much shorter side actually). Because of the curvy parts, I don’t always fall into the “petite” range of clothing sizes. I love the look of long maxi skirts, but I’ve never felt that I could wear them as they would emphasize my small height and probably not provide a “slimming” effect on my curves. What is a “boho”-style loving woman supposed to do if she can’t wear maxi skirts and dresses? Well, for this post (and hopefully the future), I’m going to face that fear and wear a maxi skirt that I have that I am simply in love with as far as pattern, style and also fabric feel and comfort. If it makes me look even shorter, then so be it!! I’m going to enjoy swirling around in it all day anyways.

fashion fun

Sometimes feeling pretty is only a state of mind and I truly believe our attitudes (and having a smile on our faces) can make all of us beautiful no matter what style we’re wearing.

fashion fun

So, are you stuck in a fashion rut fearing making a change? I’d love to hear about it and encourage you to face that fear and live up to the fashion identity you choose to have!