Cinnaholic = Joy

yep, that’s all I could come up with as a title to this post.

Joy is not a word I use often, but it’s what popped into my head when I was thinking about how I felt when I finally got to Cinnaholic.


You could say I’m a little crazy (cuckoo, nutso, bonkers, etc.) for being so excited about driving over an hour up to Berkeley to buy some cinnamon rolls.

You could say this…but if you did say this, I would then know you’ve never been to Cinnaholic.

You’ve never had one of these amazingly delicious treats.

Cinnaholic cinnamon roll with maple frosting and walnuts
Cinnaholic cinnamon roll with maple frosting and walnuts

I have wanted to visit Cinnaholic ever since I read about them in VegNews magazine.

my kind of bucket list!

Let’s face it, honestly, who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls? No one I know….so who wouldn’t love “gourmet cinnamon rolls with attitude”?

They start with your basic cinnamon roll (vegan, of course)…..then they ask you to pick a frosting flavor – choosing from over 30 different ones – you may need a moment here….just to decide…oh, and breathe.

Then you choose a topping….here are the choices for frosting and toppings:

Cinnaholic frosting and topping choicesendless, huh?!

They also have a list of favorite configurations to choose from – making the decision even more complicated, well, unless you want to buy one of everything! Oh, and did I mention the “daily” specials…oh my!

Cinnaholic menu

Truly, this is like Disneyland…or Christmas morning for me!! It’s that much fun and I think the delicious scents coming out of the kitchen make it all the more fun!

So, I ended up buying 6 cinnamon rolls…2 each of 3 configurations:

Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls

My mom was with me, so I can say she ate “some” of these…but let’s be honest most of what you see, was consumed by me. Oh wait, I just remembered I shared with my daughter and co-worker…PHEW, I feel a little better now!

No, I didn’t consume them in one day…but, well, maybe in one week :)

So, truly now, if you live say within 3,000 miles of Cinnaholic, you NEED to go there!

Sound impossible? Well, you can also order these delectable treats ONLINE! Here are some details whether you want to visit or order online:

Cinnaholic detailsHave you ordered yet??

If not, what are you waiting for?!?!?!

Ok, some details….Cinnaholic has not sponsored me or asked me in any way to write about them…they don’t even know me except maybe as they crazy, excited lady with the adorable French bulldog who visited their shop.

I’m just sharing a VEGAN LOVE!! Because, that’s what I do!! Just for fun, just for you, and I sincerely hope you’ll share any of your loves with me too!

Happy Weekend everyone!!




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  1. Oh drooling over keyboard over here. I have heard about Cinnaholic before when I was on the West Coast but sadly never got a chance to go. I’m so ordering online soon to try Cinnaholic for myself.

    • honestly, I would be embarrassed to mention how many times a week I think about these cinnamon rolls and wish I had some for breakfast!!! If I can’t find the time to drive up there soon, I may just order some online too!!! I hope they put out another Groupon for some soon too!!

    • I know right?!?! I want to drive up to Berkeley every day to buy more of these DELISH cinnamon rolls!! I wish they were closer, but then again that might be bad!! :)

    • They were so yummy!! I may have to sneak up to Berkeley again soon to buy more…I’ll keep you posted!!

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