Wholesome Cuisine - Sloppy Joe

Happy Meatless Monday!! I’m ready to share a new product I tried and LOVED with you!

Not long ago, I received this box of Sloppy Joe meatless meals mix from Wholesome Cuisine!

Honestly, I was amazed at all the fabulous information the box cover touts. I’m so happy companies are finally making some quick meal options for those of us that are vegan and those who want to avoid wheat, nuts and gluten!

Sometimes I just want to make a super quick dinner, have it be healthy and put it on the table in a jiffy so I can relax after work and get on with life.

Well, check out these directions. It doesn’t get much easier than this:

Instead of water I used my ever-handy Rapunzel vegan bouillon to make a quick 2 1/2 cups of vegetable broth:

Rapunzel Vegan Bouillon
I seriously always have boxes of this bouillon on hand!

In case you’re wondering, this is what the vegetable protein and seasoning blend mix looked like before I added the broth:

vegetable protein and seasonings mix

And this is what it looked like with the broth added and as it began to heat up:

vegetable protein and seasonings mix

Wondering about the ingredients? Here’s the list:

vegetable protein and seasonings mix ingredients
also note 15g protein and 0 cholesterol

Here’s a little more information in case you’re interested – pretty low calories there:

Nutrition Facts                  
Serving Size 4 oz Calories 185 Total Carbohydrate 33g
Servings Per Box 4 Total Fat 3g Dietary Fiber 5.25g
Calories from Fat 14 Saturated Fat 0g Sugars 14g
Sodium 240mg Cholesterol 0mg Protein 15.3g


Now, here’s where I admit that at the time of cooking this vegan delight, I had no rolls to make sloppy joes with, so I had to improvise. I thought a delicious addition to this sloppy joe recipe would be potatoes (which I happened to have on hand)!

small golden potatoes

I cut these little cuties into fourths and steamed them up quickly.

Serving the “Sloppy Joe’s” over the potatoes was a hit with both me and Pops!

Wholesome Cuisine Sloppy Joe's over potatoes

The good people at Nutritional Designs Inc. sent me this sample box of their Sloppy Joe Mix and I want to thank them very much! They have other meatless meal options available at their site too. For example, Polynesian Vege  Sliced Chik’n, Taco mix and Burger Bits.

Ready to try some for yourself? Pop on over to the Nutritional Designs Inc. site where you can order some right away. While you’re there be sure to check out the other Wholesome Cuisine Meals, healthy snacks and healthy meal additions they offer.

Have a wonderful Meatless Monday everyone!



P.S. Yes, I received this Sloppy Joe mix box free from the people at Nutrional Designs to review and share with my readers. The opinions above about how much I loved this quick meal are all mine, and I am happy to share this product with you. It can be a real treat to make a dinner that is quick, tasty and easy to prepare and serve that is also meat-free. In fact, it was so easy to prepare, I may have to train Pops to make it for dinner next time! ~Jen