Here’s a few of the fun discoveries I’ve made this week. They seem to be all food related – what’s that say about my hormonal level during the past few days? – a farmers market on the web. This is an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers. They also can show you locally grown and produced items. Everything looks lovely on this site!

Cocoa V – a lovely, organic, vegan chocolate boutique in New York City.

SouthHaven Farm – they create baking mixes from original recipes carefully made with only the finest ingredients. Our mixes are all natural, preservative-free, and 100% whole grain. They don’t use things like nonfat milk solids or buttermilk powder. I’ve ordered a few and will be happy to report my success with them after they arrive. They also have an extensive list of recipes of tasty treats you can create from their mixes.

mocha baking mix

This next link is a garden link – but of course the food potential is there:

Gardner’s Supply company potato success kit.

potato grow bag

These grow bags look amazing – and I think I must try them just to see what happens and report back to you. I’ve always wanted to try growing potatoes too. I’ll keep you posted. They also have lots of other grow bag options on their site. If you try any, let me know how it goes. I also read somewhere how people use large plastic garbage cans to grow potatoes too. I’m not sure Pop’s would like me making holes in his cans at this point, so I’ll try this bag method. The bag can be re-used next year also.

Finally, I learned 10 weird used for vodka from The Daily Green – a site I love and often find little interesting tidbits of info. You can cure poison ivy, repel insects and clean your house all with vodka. Who knew?? Another justification for keeping the good juice flowing at your house.