Some days, we really keep eating simple around our house…especially breakfast.

Having tasty items available from the garden helps a lot, too.

One of Pop’s (my hubby) favorite breakfasts are what he calls “Homestyle Breakfasts”.

This basically means something hot, fresh, quick and tasty.

For this breakfast, I simply added some coconut oil to a pan set on medium-high heat, tossed in about 1/2 an onion chopped to cook until translucent.

Then I added some sliced mini yellow potatoes letting them heat up (putting on the lid to the pan can help them heat up faster – or you could even warm the slices in the microwave a bit first if you’re rushed for time).

Next, I added in some sliced peppers and sliced tomatoes heating everything through.

I served this with some whole grain toast with vegan butter and jam – yum!

You could also add in some vegan sausage, crumbled tofu, or even some beans – a favorite addition of mine.


Super simple and yummy (and warm!).

What are you favorite breakfast treats? I’d love any ideas to add to this dish. Thanks!

Happy Meatless Monday and Vegan MoFo!!





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  1. Being British a cooked breakfast for me will have Hash-browns, mushrooms, beans. Anything fried, greasy, and not meat. I hate cooking Breakfast for myself though so most of the time I settle on toast. It’s hard to beat a good slice of toast.

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