Two years ago today I was in a delivery room watching my oldest daughter Libby give birth to my Grandson Westly a.k.a. “Lini”.

That was the second live birth I’ve been able to watch – the first was my nephew Ty. It’s unreal, magical, beautiful and scary all together.

I will admit that I spent the few hours before the birth, after the contractions really started kicking in, in the waiting room. It’s just too much to ask a mother (even a step-mother) to watch her daughter in labor pain. Libby is an incredibly strong woman and so together and calm, but when the intense contractions began, well, it was just time to give her and her hubby Robert some space. (Yes, I’m a big chicken when it comes to that sort of thing).

But, I was there for the big event – for Westly’s entrance into the world. I have the smooshy, juicy photo to prove it – but hey, don’t look for it here…it’s personal and only for Libby. Instead, here are some of my favorite photos of this most precious angel boy taken over the past 2 years:

Westly with Daddy (Robert) & Mommy (Libby)
The first photo I took of Westly
Westly & Hunter at Westly's first pumpkin patch - he's an October baby people!
Pops with newborn Westly & Hunter
Binky Baby
Sweet, sweet boy!
Soccer boy at 1 year old!
Pops and his Grandsons!
"Pops" & "Lini"
Check out those "baby blues"
Easter Style
Scrubbin' Bubbles with Big Bro'
(Naked) at the beach with Mom and Chunk (aka Hunter)
Jammin' at Music-in-the-Park

Honestly, I could post more and more photos – he’s so handsome and photogenic! I’ll put more pics up on my Flickr account if you want to view them.

Pop’s and I saw this sign once that read:

Grandkids are God’s gift to you for not killing your Children!

We laughed so hard because it truly is so much fun having Grandkids. Trust me, start with them first, if you can :)

I Love you my Big Boy, Lini, Crazy Baby! ~ Happy Birthday #2



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