Because we’re here, and the Ft. Worth Stock Show is going on today, we headed there for the afternoon. I’ll share a bit of it with you now…and much, much more later.

Ft. Worth Stock Show

I really got a big kick out of a lot of the signage around the show. There’s lots of Texas pride here – and Cowboy pride too. It’s a lot of fun to experience.

Rednecks at Play sign

There were definitely a lot of cowboys and cowgirls in attendance, and I wondered is it offensive to call someone a redneck? Doesn’t the name have something to do with the fact that they get a red neck working out on a ranch or farm? hmmm, I’m not sure on that one.

This was one of my favorite signs:

Area Patrolled by Attack Cow sign

I’d like an attack cow – I just wouldn’t want to clean up after one.

We definitely saw our share of livestock today. I took plenty of photographs that I’ll be uploading to Flickr when we get home for anyone interested. Here are a few now to hold you over:

Texas Longhorn
A classic Texas Longhorn
cow and calf
A mama and her baby...and here, I thought animals only had their babies in the Spring?
Brahma Bull
Are the brahmas from the Jurassic era? They look like it to me. Wasn't there something similar in "Jurassic Park"?
little girl holding a baby goat
This little girl was so precious with her baby goat.
3 baby goats sleeping
Here are some precious little sleepy-time-tea babies.
goat eating out of hand
All the animals seemed just so sweet - as a vegan, you know that's the only party I focused on.

All the animals are shown in the big arenas and everyone seems really excited to win some ribbons.

Arena with American Flags
The arenas were really nice.

I really like seeing the little cowboys and cowgirls showing their animals.

children showing their calves
look how little they are out in the arena
kids showing their animals
they all seem so very serious and "professional" about what they're doing

Of course, my little cowboy got a bit too excited by all the “goings on”. He really, really wanted to ride on a bronking bull….um…I just couldn’t seem to let that happen, but I did let him ride this:

Pops riding on a little pony
my little wild and crazy cowboy

Note, that moments later he pulled a groin muscle climbing off of this pony….no “Ranch” life for us.

Happy Martin Luther King Day,
~ Lita


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    • Oh I know…I really, really try not to think about that. I was trying to send out the hope that people would just love them and want to keep them all as pets…it could happen, right?! not just in my dream world?!?! :) I can hope I guess ~ jen

  1. that longhorn is GORGEOUS!
    i often go to agricultural fairs… it’s hard to look past the fact that people are raising the animals to eat, rather than just admire, like i do.

    how are you doing with food in ft. worth? doesn’t strike me as a vegan-friendly town!

    • Oh the animals were so precious…especially the babies! I don’t know why but I thought there wouldn’t be any babies – thought that only happened in the Spring?!? shows what kind of “ranch” girl I am!

      Not bad on the food…ordered lots of “sides” at restaurants – sides of veggies that is. Plus there were always salads and pasta marinara dishes offered too. Glad to be home though – I missed cooking!

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