and this photo epitomizes how I feel:

Bubba looking tired
exhausted puppy

although he hasn’t been packing and going through his inbox one last time and checking/replying to messages and making lists for Mimi (dog and house sitter extraordinaire).

Nope truly he’s been doing nothing this morning, but snoring under the covers on the bed…lazy boy…you’d think he’d at least give me his undying attention these last couple of hours before I leave for 5 days! He apparently doesn’t see the need to leave the warmth of the electric blanket.

So, I’m almost done packing. My next post will be from:


where everything’s bigger – including the waistlines and cholesterol counts according to a magazine article I just read. I won’t be partaking in any of that though…I promise, I won’t.

So, for the next 5 days I’ll share with you some of my favorite things in the Ft. Worth area in case you ever head there.

Hopefully, I’ll be including museums, shopping, restaurants, shopping, walks on the golf course, shopping, frozen daiquiris from Eskimo Hut and shopping…though maybe not in that order. I think the first stop might have to be Eskimo Hut!

(trust me, when you see these tasty delights, you’ll know what I mean).

Wish me luck…I may be the only vegan in that whole BBQ state this week!

~ Lita


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