Here's to a Greener 2011

Are you still contemplating your 2011 resolutions?

How about adding “going green(er)” to your list?

There are so many choices we can make every day to move us toward creating a more earth-friendly world. Of course, I’ll continue to share the ways I attempt to create a greener household and life here, but as this is my first “Green Tip” post of the new year, I’d like all of you to consider that the BIGGEST thing we can all do to help our planet is:

Consume Fewer Animal Products

Are you thinking “oh that’s easy for a vegan to say”. Well, just because I’m a vegan, doesn’t mean I don’t have to work at this too. Though I’d love for everyone to become a vegan too – just think of all the fabulous new restaurants I’d have to go to – I know that the reality is it just doesn’t suit everyone’s life. Not every day anyways.

So, today, I’m asking you to try and really commit to just one day a week. On that day, try a new food that you just haven’t considered yet. I share some of my favorite vegan products each week in my Lita’s Loves. Have you tried any?

Approach these products not necessarily as replacements for ones you love, but as alternatives. They may not taste exactly the same to you, but different is not necessarily bad. Foods can be different AND good too.

Here’s a quick link to some vegan food alternatives I’ve chosen to cook and bake with.

What do ya say? Will you give it a go? Even just one day a week?

Go ahead, replace the milk in that latte with some soy…see what you think. Remember it will be better for you AND our planet.

Lots of Green Love to you,
~ Lita


2 Comments on Green Tip Tuesday – Greener 2011

  1. Jen, I am vegetarian and haven’t quite made the step to vegan yet…although I’ve tried alot of your vegan recipes and am looking forward to trying the spinach dip soon! But this post definitely inspires me to really take the time to try the conversion to veganism. Thank you for promoting less animal products!!

    • Oh Erin, thank you so just made my day!! I hope you like the dip as much as I LOVE your blog!! So glad I found you to follow!!

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