Garden Fresh A Vegan RestaurantThis past weekend (after another fun bike ride), Pops and I tried a “new” (to us) vegan restaurant in Mountain View, CA called Garden Fresh.

What a delicious find….a wonderful vegan Chinese cuisine delight!!

First, we began our meal with the Basil Moo Shu Rolls.

Basil Moo Shu rolls

These were served cold and were a perfect treat after our bike ride. I loved the taste of the fresh basil inside.

Then we had the General’s Veggie Chicken:

General's Vegan ChickenCrispy soy chicken, sauteed with bell peppers and carrots in a spicy sweet and sour sauce – YUM! I loved the tangy tastes in this dish.

We also enjoyed the Minced Veggie wraps – wrapping sauteed minced snow peas, mushrooms, veggie ham and mushrooms in lettuce was heavenly!

Veggie Lettuce WrapsSO delicious.

Garden Fresh has restaurants in both Mountain View (where we went) and in downtown Palo Alto. Check out their web site to read more great reviews, check out their menu and locate their locations.

A great new find for us – I’m sure we’ll be stopping again if we find ourselves nearby.

Happy MoFo 2013!








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  1. oh my gosh!! Garden Fresh!! Years ago, when I first went vegan (and I lived in San Jose), we used to eat at Garden Fresh ALL THE TIME. You gotta try their scallion pancakes!! Such happy memories!

    • Thanks for the tip on Garden Fresh!!! How have I lived and not been there before???? Not sure, but now I’m on a mission to try the scallion pancakes!! THANKS!! Happy MoFo!

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