So, I got up this morning ready to do my “It’s Saturday” jig when I realized….


Ugh, the nerve of Friday being here and ruining my joy over thinking it was Saturday.

There is one thing wonderful about it being Friday…

I have my weekly trek over to Philz Coffee today with my co-worker Brian!

So, as not to go off in a grumbly mood this morning, I’ll leave you here with a couple of recent and precious photos of my Grandsons.

Westly & Pops reading about Dinosaurs
Westly's trying to repeat the names - not an easy task (notice the exhausted dog in the background)
Don't you just want to smooch that precious face?!?!
Our "Guitar" star!!
"um, ok, I'll smile, but I'm trying to play here Lita"

No worries, next week I’ll return to “blogging as usual” meaning more “Meatless Mondays”, “Green Tip Tuesdays”, etc.

Happy Friday Everyone,
~ Lita


4 Comments on It’s Not Saturday!!

  1. Philz Coffee has officially become an obsession thanks to YOU! When I’m drinking it, I’m in heaven and when I’m not it’s a private caffeine withdrawn hell. When are we starting our petition to open one closer to our hometown?

    • Just the mention of the name Philz makes me excited for their precious caffeinated potions!! I need 2 for them to open closer to home and the second for them to open in my office building..better yet, in the suite next door! I think I could probably live on the stuff – and then never sleep – and then get everything I want to do done – and then it would be a perfect universe!! Let’s go again soon!!!

  2. Thanks for the twitter love – just had to come check out your site! Love these pics! Just think the real Saturday is gonna be awesome!

    • Yahoo!! The “real” Saturday is here..and though I’ve only been up about an hour, the sun is shining and it looks gorgeous out. I can see my neighbors horses running around…I like to pretend they’re my horses – the best kind of horses – the ones you don’t have to clean up after!!

      Hope you have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend all around!
      Thanks for stopping by…
      Jen @ Lita’s World

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