This morning, I happened to catch a post over at “The Kind Life Blog” which rang out a call to all the vegan bloggers out there to submit their blog for a potential “feature” on their site.

The Kind Life Blog

Of course, this blog is by Alicia Silverstone author of the book that inspired my whole turn to veganism “The Kind Diet” – (and I just gave away this book during my blog birthday giveaway week – read here)

If you’re a vegan blogger or just a vegan looking for more blogs to read, please go check it out (sshhh it’s how I’ll be spending my day at work!)

Happy Reading,
~ Lita


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    • New follower!!! YAHOO!! you bet I’ll follow back…I followed on Facebook and Twitter too!! Happy Friday!!! Your site is super cute and I’ll be passing it on to all the new mommies I know!! Have a super weekend! – Jen @ Lita’s World

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