My passion for gardening is in full swing right now. Thoughts about seeding, planting, designing and caring for my yard seem to be always on my mind.

Last year, my garden simply never took off as I wanted it to. Not due to my lack of work though, I think there were a couple of reasons.

First, it just didn’t get hot enough in my yard for any length of time for anything to really produce. I think it was just that kind of year.

Sure, I had some tomatoes (very late in September) and a few eggplant, but nothing at all like previous years.

Second, I actually wonder if part of the lack of growth was due to our beehives being moved to a vineyard. I really think the bees played a key roll in the abundance of past years. As soon as my Grandsons get bigger, I’d like to add hives again.

So, this year I’m determined to have a better garden!

A few weeks ago, I went to the local Master Gardeners Sale with my friends Don and Kathy. This was our second year going to this event. It’s an incredible local event showcasing starter plants grown by local master gardeners. All the gardeners are around to help you and advise on any questions you may have.

Master Gardener Sale

This year I purchased tomato, cucumber, zucchini, squash and pepper plants. I also picked up the herbs borage, cilantro, parsley and basil. Some vendors were giving away seeds, so I picked up seeds for lemon cucumbers, pole beans and peas.

I’m happy to say all the little cuties I purchased are doing well so far replanted in my yard.

I started my pole bean seeds in peat pots to get them going. After they sprouted, I created a bamboo stick “teepee” in the yard and planted a seedling near each pole.

bamboo pole teepee

I had a lot of luck with this setup last year, so I’m hoping for even more promise this year. I’d love to see those poles covered in beans!

I’ll soon be creating another bamboo “teepee” for my sweet peas to attach to.

The potato tubs I began earlier this spring are already filling up with shoots (and hopefully potatoes). I’m really excited about eating my own home grown potatoes this year – especially since it’s my first try at growing them.

sprouts in a potato growing tub

I can’t help it, I just get so excited when things actually begin to grow…I think these shoots are just the cutest!

Here’s some of the other babies growing away at this moment:
baby veggie plants

ahhh I feel like a proud mommy when I see them thriving out there.

On the flower front….

I’ve already filled 3 vases of gorgeous roses to add fragrance to my house. I was so sad when 3 of my rose bushes (which were over 10 years old) were taken out by gophers this winter. I’m not sure what made them go after the roses at this point, but I’m happy some of them survived and are still producing such beauties.

vase of roses

The scents are just amazing and the colors and shapes wow me every time – isn’t nature amazing?!

This year, I started a new “flower” patch in our front yard – I decided I’d like to try to create a bit of a cottage garden in our this area (more about the inspiration on that soon). We have a ton of rosemary plants already set out there, so I’m hoping to mix in a variety of colorful flowering plants to create a sort of “watercolor” feel.

Here are some pics of how it’s going so far:

spring flowers

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as it’s definitely a work in progress.

I just started a bunch of hollyhock seeds I hope to plant amidst the mix soon. If I can keep the gophers at bay, I hope to have a thriving, colorful front yard this year.

Are you having luck this year starting your garden? Any plant or vegetable you’re finding grows well and thrives in your area? Also, any help or advice would be fabulous!

Happy Spring,
~ Lita


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  1. It’s great to have your own garden :))) I try to help with my mom’s one as much as I can and I love being in the open with my hands dirty :)

    This year I decided to investigate a little bit more on gardening and learned a lot about the permaculture. It’s really fascinating – the layering, the guilds, etc… It gives much more produce then usual with less efforts. You could try some of it’s principles too :)

    • I’ll definitely be looking into permaculture! In just my quick scan of the internet it definitely seems like something I need to pursue more – and try to implement. I really, really, really want my garden to do well this year – I’ll keep you updated…glad you you’re having fun with your mom’s.

  2. That looks amazing! I’m so jealous. Something keeps eating my seedlings. They pop up from the ground, get 1-2 leaves, then they’re gone one morning. I started a few tomatoes, basil, and peppers inside and I’m letting them grow big before I transplant them to see if that will keep them from being munched on. I want to get some pole beans, they look like fun.

    • My friend Kathy is having the exact same problem!! Her poor plants are being devoured before they even have a chance. She just started some inside too – for the same reason. She hopes by giving them a head start she’ll have better luck. So far, so good here..knock on wood. It’s geeky but I get so sad when I lose even one plant – I want to see them all thrive. Good luck…keep me posted.

    • thanks!!! I just read they have persian cukes at Trader Joes right now…I want to try them – they’re supposed to be sweet and you can leave the skin on too :) yum!

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