Here they are…our little girls!

The chickens

Well, they actually live at Libby’s house, but that makes them my little “Grand-chicks”, right?

I wanted to post pics from when they were the teeniest, tiniest little cuties, but I swear, they grew overnight!

I think this is their teenage phase – don’t they look like they’re suffering from teenage angst? You know, when your cute little body is changing and deceiving you…before you become a gorgeous hen!


It will be a few more months until they experience their first fresh egg over there. I’m excited for them because the boys absolutely adore these little beauties.

Their names? Yes, of course they’re named. They are:

  • Oprah,
  • Guinevere,
  • Pippa, and
  • Elain.

Sounds fun, right!

Happy Weekend everyone,
~ Lita



6 Comments on New Chicks in the Family

  1. ha ha! Isabelle is actually elain. Its from arthurian legend. We were reading about the nights of the round table when we got them.

  2. Hey “Lita”! So sorry I’ve been absent from your blog lately. I’m back, though, and am excited to watch and hear more “grand-chick” stories. I’ve been wanting to have some chickens for a while now, so I’ll just live vicariously through you! :)

    • Hi Erin!! Hope all is fabulous with you!! Sounds like you’ve been super busy with your magazine! How exciting!! I’m excited to watch the chicks grow…and see how much help they give to Libby’s garden…hoping for a huge bounty this year, then maybe I can talk my hubby into getting chicks of our own!

    • Aren’t the names great?!?! The boys came up with them (but I somehow think there was a little prompting with the “Oprah” name :) Their dog seems to just adore the chicks – acts as if they’re her babies…my frenchie though thinks they are his lunch..ugh!!

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