How do you overcome your fears the first time you do something or on the first day of a new experience?

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Even saying the word evokes an emotion in me.

There have definitely been times in my life where I feel I’ve lived a very “fear-based” life. Meaning sacrificing what I want to do or need to do based on the fear of wanting to keep a situation running smoothly – or even so fearful that I’ve skipped an experience all-together.

Pops has been key in helping me grow in this area. In fact, it’s something that we do together that helps me whenever I have a challenge I don’t feel up to facing. We call it:

“Worst-Case Scenario


We’ve found that if you look at something and consider it’s “worst-case scenario” you will usually find that even if this happens, you will survive. Once you’ve realized you can survive any outcome, the situation doesn’t seem so “big-and-bad” anymore.

This has worked and helped me countless times.

So, how do you overcome your fears? Have any tips to share?

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Be Happy (and unafraid)!





3 Comments on Overcoming Fear

  1. hey ms. hunter,

    fears are a big topic in my life i think. i fear alot. i always overthink situations. so my friend told me to try and write a goal down. like i want to get my driver licenz. then i should write what will change to the positiv if i make it and then what will stay the same like its now. or what could possible happen worst. so i will try that out. :)
    thanks for your post!!


  2. I live a fear-based life. People say you should do one thing each day that frightens you, I’ve got you covered!

    I was talking to a friend who has just moved. Her kids have had a couple of days of school and it’s hard. One of them hasn’t even spoken to anyone yet. Her goal for today is to talk to someone. Anyone. That’s how I handle a lot of fear, too. In networking situations I will give myself a goal, usually 3 people, once I talk to 3 people I’m free to go if I still don’t feel good about being there.

    • ooohh I like that 3 person goal!! I think I have kept myself in situations where I’m not comfortable far too long sometimes…feeling like it “should” get better. Why? I don’t know, but I feel like I need to stop doing that to myself. I’m going to use your 3 person goal…if after that I want to leave, I’m going to give myself permission to.

      I feel for your friend and her kids. I moved twice at the beginning of High School…right after I was 2 months into one school, we moved again and I had to start all over. It was awful considering before that I had grown up and lived in a small town going to school with the same kids since kindergarten. I hope they hang in there…it will get better. Thanks so much for your tip!!

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