My first BlogHer.


I still feel like I’m processing all I learned, heard, saw, felt, and experienced. I have a feeling I will write quite a few posts sharing all my thoughts as I sort it all out. (Hence the #1 in the title above). This one is just an expression of how I feel a day after returning home.

I’ll be honest, not sure if it’s just that I’m still catching up on sleep, but, during the day today, while I was at work, I began feeling a little bit “less-than” as a blogger. At times, I feel as if I have a pretty clear vision of how I want this blog to be. I feel like I know what I want to share and focus on, while also leaving it open and fun aiming for a positive reading experience. Then, at BlogHer, I heard some extremely passionate, intense, professional bloggers speak and began questioning my ability and my whole purpose.

Tonight, I feel a bit calmer. I think I was feeling this self-imposed pressure that I should get very “serious” and push this blogging business to the max.

Reality check time.

I’m not there yet. This blog is still growing and has to grow at a rate that I’m comfortable with and fits within my life as a person who also has a job to work at, an incredible husband to travel with, a super-cute bulldog to walk and play with, grandsons to spend quality time with, daughters and friends to laugh with, vegan recipes to make, green tips to try, gardens to maintain, photographs to take, crafts to create, etc. All the things that make my life fun AND give me motivation for the blog posts I write.

In other words, I gotta keep it real.

There, I feel better already, just sharing these thoughts. Phew, thank you.

Now, it’s off to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Stay tuned for some actual details of my weekend including my session with “Jimmy Dean” – yes, I’m a vegan and yes, they are known for their sausages. How’s that for creating intrigue?







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  1. Oh yes, after Sparklecorn! Thank you so much for that walk, I really needed a graceful, fun exit to the evening and you provided it.

    Nice memory, I do a photo challenge every other week and actually the new prompt comes out tomorrow so look for that when you get a chance.

    I live in NYC so it will be crazy for me not to go to Blogher. However, I just got a save the date card for a wedding on the 4th in PA. I’m very much hoping for a ceremony late enough in the day that I can do Friday and then hit the road Sat am. Maybe I’ll do Pathfinder day to get in some extra chick blogger time.

    The great thing about Blogher is that, as overwhelming as it can be, you really never are alone.

    • Oh yes, Sparklecorn is the name…wow it just wouldn’t come to me yesterday – shows you how tired I was getting that evening. I’m definitely going to check out your photo prompt…how fun!!

      How fun you live in NYC!!! years and years and years ago, I dated a guy who lived there and I would try to fly in for a few days each fun!! Though I’m sure it’s changed so much as this was truly over 20 years ago now…eeekk I’m getting old!!

      I definitely want to do Pathfinder day next year. I have no understanding as to why I didn’t go this year – why I planned my flight to land later Thursday evening. Next year, I definitely want to try to experience it all!!

      Off to your site now!!

  2. Lita, you are not alone. A lot of people come out of Blogher with a sort of deer in the headlights feeling. For 2 or 3 days we’re full to the brim with options and coming home tired and trying to sort them out can feel impossible. I left Blogher and continued to tour around CA for a week so I’m just now getting home and dealing with those feelings. Trying to just do what’s in front of me until I get back in the groove.

    (We met at Blogher because I have your card but I cannot swear to you where or when it was. Speed dating? A meal? Not sure. But glad we did!)

    • oh I know where we met…the party…was it Cracklecorn??? something like that. We were standing at the same table and we left the ballroom together!! WOW thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I promise, I haven’t even tackled the stack of business cards I received yet…but I’m so going to…wouldn’t you know work has been a bit crazy since I returned too. Oh I’m so glad we met…you are definitely on my list of awesome women I met there. I’m going to stop in your site too – don’t you have a photo posting event you do?? Am I remembering that correctly?

      Do you think you’ll go to BlogHer next year? I’ll admit, I already bought my ticket. Did you know until the end of August if you use the code AugustHoliday, you get a 20% discount on any passes you buy?

      Thanks for making me feel not so alone!!
      Jen aka Lita

  3. BlogHer was a lot to take in for a first conference. I can say that for sure. I walked away with many different opinions. But I agree with you, you must keep your blog real. Always.

  4. Lita, I hope we met at BlogHer. Did we? Did you walk by the Bill My Parents booth and we chatted? It is all a blurr to me at the moment. I want to go through my business cards one by one and follow each person who gave it to me. Will it be possible? Probably in the next couple of months, but more likely by Christmas. Yikes! Did I say Christmas??
    Okay. I’ll stop now. Just hugs and thanks for dropping by my old blog. I hope it’s where it’s supposed to be too … real:)

    • Did we meet?…again, also for me, it is somewhat a blur…I have a pile of business cards that I haven’t touched yet…and I so want to….and I WILL! I love your site…it is real…and I will be following because of that. Will you attend BlogHer12? I think I must for I think I will be sad hearing about others who do if I’m not there.. Hugs back at you…and definitely keep it real!

  5. Ok, apparently I have been gone for way too long this place (your blog) looks beautiful. I’m still bummed I didn’t run into you, waaaa! What’s your next stop?

    and PS – I know what you mean by 3 days later you are STILL processing!!


    • Thank you so much…I really take that as a major compliment coming from you!!

      I’m not sure my next stop…I would have loved to go to the BlogHer handmade conference, but it’s just too soon to take off again. I should check and see what’s next for Bloggy Boot Camp – do you have any ideas?

      Thanks again for stopping by….my brain is starting to calm!

    • Thank you…it was wonderful to meet you too…I’m completely interested in this 10-minute a day idea! I’m off to read more of your site – so far, I’m incredibly inspired! I absolutely hope we meet again some day soon!

  6. Don’t get intimidated by the A list bloggers, remember they were also new once & struggled with the same feelings you are going through now. Just focus as you have been on enjoying your site, nurturing & deepening connections with great people along the way, all the rest will naturally follow.

    thanks for the great post!

    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Feeling better, calmer and less-tired today…definitely going to keep this blog going :)

  7. I would love to hear more about BlogHer! And I would love to meet you in person too :)
    And please, don’t take it too seriously with that blog thing, where is the fun in that?!

    • aahhh thank you so much Nadia! I feel less-exasperated today. It would be amazing to meet in person!! Next years event is in New York City. I’m thinking about going. So glad we are blog friends!

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