On our first day’s excursion into the city, a group of us headed off to visit the Himalayan exhibit at the Rubin museum while others headed towards Chelsea.

Rubin Museum
My friend, Mickie, had recommended the Rubin to me knowing we had loved all the art we saw on our tour of Thailand.

The museum did not disappoint!

After the Rubin, we headed to the Explorer’s Club – just to see what we could see (which was basically the entrance foyer as we’re not members).

Explorers Club

Then it was off to Bauman Rare Books which is always a treat.

Bauman Books
Walking the streets of mid-town was simply a delight with all the flowers blooming everywhere.

NYC pretty day

Of course, our walking tour took us by Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall – which had the NFL Draft going on creating a buzz throughout the whole area.

Rockefeller Center

We then headed downtown towards Chelsea for a DELISH dinner at Buddakan with the whole crew.


The atmosphere, in itself, is worth the visit to this restaurant – I must say I kinda felt a little cool just being there.

We had quite a large party, so we were shown the “party menu” – luckily they had a vegetarian party menu too for Pops and I!


Everything was simply scrumptious!

You’d think our day would’ve been over then, but HEY, we’re in NYC the city that never sleeps!!

For an after dinner evening stroll, we decided to walk the High Line.

High Line

Have you heard about this “1-mile New York City linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the former elevated New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line”?

If not, I truly could not recommend it more!! The sights are AMAZING!

High Line

High Line

That just about covers day 1 – the story continues tomorrow….



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  1. It’s so crazy that I was born and raised in NY and I have not been back in over 20 years. Such a shame especially after seeing your photos! I lOVE that photo with the mural…so awesome. :)

    • I realized that I hadn’t been back in about 16 years…and then it was a short visit…so much has changed!!! It was truly a fabulous trip and now I can’t wait to return again – watching for long weekend deals!! xoxo

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