What an exciting day we had today!! Jeannie Mai, one of the co-hosts on The Real remembered and spoke of “Mr. Hunter”, my hubby, and one of her elementary school teachers. While I know how fabulous he is and how much he can (and has) inspired me and others, it is so amazing to hear when people (especially former students) feel the same way. I’m so thankful to his friend and former teacher co-worker, Thomya Arterberry, for alerting us to this special “TV” moment.

Mr Hunter's Class year 89-90
Mr Hunter’s Class year 89-90 (note Jeannie second from left in bottom row)

The Real Remembers Mr. Hunter

For context, the co-hosts on The Real were discussing how valuable teachers are in life – especially encouraging and inspirational teachers. AND I’m so thrilled that Jeannie Mai chose to mention “Mr. Hunter” as a teacher who encouraged and inspired her and taught her about integrity and being the best she could be.

If you’d like to see what has me feeling so proud of him, here is the clip from the show:

I truly don’t think a month goes by without us hearing from a former student who wants to thank “Mr. Hunter” for motivating them to be their best in life.

As we approach our 23rd anniversary and 24th year together, I realize I’ve spent as many years in my life before “Mr. Hunter” (aka Jimi) as with him and how fabulous that is and how lucky I am.

If you’re interested in more of Mr. Hunter, please check out this page of articles written about him and his teaching style. Also, please check out his Retirement Blog MrHunter36.com where you can see class photos, photos of class t-shirts, letters from students upon his retirement and other fun tidbits.

If you come across this post and are a former student, please get in touch. We’d love to hear how you’re doing.

So, do you have a teacher who inspired you? Have you gotten in touch with them to thank them? I truly hope you’ve been lucky enough to have many and that you’ve had a chance to share your successes with them.


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