GoKart racing is seriously one of the favorite “outside-the-office” events at my company – at least among those of the “testosterone” persuasion. Of course, everyone is invited, but it seems this event really appeals to the men I work with. Do you want to know who else it appeals to? Jimi – aka Pops – aka Mr. Hunter.

GoKart Racing 2018

Jimi in a GoKartThis year, I didn’t even race, and you know what? I enjoyed the event much more taking photos and videos and cheering from the sidelines.

The whole gang in GoKarts

The races get pretty intense and LeMans Karting in Fremont, California does a fabulous job of tracking all the racers stats per lap while keeping everyone safe. After six 10-minute heats, I think everyone was sufficiently exhausted (and might I add sweaty) and had all the racing they wanted for one event.

The racing guys

I’m happy to announce that this year’s winner was my hubby Jimi!! Such an honor considering my boss actually has a “real” race car that he drives in racing events. I will add that this smaller GoKart course doesn’t suit him too well, and along with some of the rest of us (including myself), makes him a bit motion sick.

First second and third place

Another thing I enjoyed about this event was making the following YouTube video from the outing. If you take a look, please let me know what you think. (I’ve also included a text link to the video below as I’ve noticed if you receive this post via email – and thank you so much for subscribing – the YouTube videos don’t always appear).

YouTube Video

Here is a link to the video (in case you can’t see it above): GoKart Video

In case you’re wondering, I work for Hexagon Transportation Consultants, Inc. in San Jose, California. We provide traffic and transportation engineering services. You can bet we have our hands full dealing with the crazy traffic that exists here in the Bay Area!

Any questions about the event and who to contact to plan one at LeMans Karting, email me or ask me in the comments section below.

Our next corporate event is a cooking class where we’ll be making appetizers and desserts. Stay tuned for an update on that fun evening!