Ready to Walk the Red Carpet

I actually am not completely recovered yet from the trip and all the days traveling. In case you’ve had trouble finding out how our trip went, here are some links to re-hash what I’ve posted so far. I have many, many more photos to post and tons of stories to share as soon as I get organized a bit back in the real world.

Here are links to the posts I put up and also a direct link to the Flickr photos:

Beloved Free Baba Jimi in Milano

Cannes – Day 1

Cannes – Day 2 The Red Carpet

Beloved Free Baba Jimi in Cannes

Cannes – Day 3

Cannes – Day 4

Cannes – Day 5

Cannes – Day 6

Litas World Flickr Photos

Off now to Hunter’s Pre-School Graduation…never a calm (or dull) moment around here.

More later ~Lita