This week has been INSANE!!

Hunter, Pops & Westly
Yes, insane kinda like these 3 nuts

I swear every year I say this is not going to happen…and I start all the preparations early.

My decorations were up before Thanksgiving week was over. Most of my presents were purchased before the second week of December began…the problem is the word “most” in that sentence.

The reason it’s a problem is we’ve had something and somewhere to be every night for almost the past 2 weeks!

We had Mimi’s birthday to celebrate:

Mimi & Pops
Happy Birthday Mimi!

Cute Grandsons to photograph:

Cute Westly
Westly being precious

Shark’s hockey games to go to:

Pops, Hunter & Robert "Sharks" fans

and more…..

All fun things to do, but they’ve left me no time to finish up my wrapping, cookie baking, gift delivery, etc.

What they’ve left me with is this:

An exhausted French Bulldog!

AND, you know what….

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!

Love & Blessings to you all,
~ Lita

p.s. is this not the most precious photo of Hunter squishing into his baby Shark Halloween costume?? Now, that’s FAN commitment!

Hunter in his Sharks costume
Hunter - the baby Shark!!