I’m limiting myself to posting 10 photos from our first day in Hawaii.

Why the limit? Well, because, I want to get out there and take more!

Here they are:

The day began when our friend Sam came to pick us up to take us on an Island tour. Sam lived here when he was younger and, being the surfer that he is, has come back here..well…LOTS! We couldn’t have a better tour guide.

Sam and I posing in front of his rented convertible - ready for fun!

After a quick breakfast stop, Sam drove West (I think…my sense of direction is a bit off here). To then head North as our tour around the island began. (I’d like to let my friend Marlene know we had that we were playing her favorite Hawaiian radio station in the car)

I love that, aside from the glorious beaches, there are dramatic mountains and cliffs to see on the island too.

Oh, and pineapple fields:

Little known fact about Pops is that he’s an Eagle Scout and in 1964 came to Hawaii to work at the Pupukea boyscout camp. Sam drove us up there so Pops could reminisce and give us a tour.

My little Eagle Scout

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE turtles?? If not, the answer is A LOT!

Sam stopped along the roadside at a stretch of beach where it’s known that large turtles come to rest. And…

this beautiful creature was there taking a snooze.

This is the daddy of the clan. He’s about 35-40 years old. He’s also a vegetarian!! (there was a woman there who works at protecting them and provided us with all this knowledge.)

Seeing him has to be one of the highlights of my life – and to be so close!! Doesn’t he look like he’s sleeping soundly. We could see some of the rest of his crew rolling around behind him in the waves.

After that, we stopped at the beach break Pipeline (where the big wave riders go). There’s not a huge swell right now, but the waves looked big enough to me.

and, of course, there were some surfers out.

Here’s the board listing Pipeline Masters Champions:

We headed a bit further down the coast to Sunset beach for a dip.

The water felt amazing – what a delight.

When we got back to our room for a bit of a rest before dinner, Pops couldn’t resist making (and feeding) his new friends. He had them eating out of his hands…literally:

So, there it is some highlights from day 1.

much, much more to come!

~ Lita


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  1. I’m feeling a huge amount of envy! Hawaii is a special and wonderful place…..thanks for the vicarious pleasure your trip is providing for me……….cheers, brian

  2. Love it! Takes me right back to the North Shore, we stayed there for our Honeymoon and saw the big sea turtles too!! You have to get shaved ice from Matsumotos while you’re there. So yummy!! Love the St. Patty’s header too :)

    • Matsumotos for shaved ice it is! We’re having such a great time, it’s so beautiful here. Just wish my laptop hadn’t died so I could post more :)

  3. That sounds so amazing! Great photos. I’m in LOVE with turtles! I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’d love to go someday. Have fun. :)

    • Oh it is so beautiful here! I’d post more photos if my laptop hadn’t stopped working! Hoping it won’t be too expensive to get it fixed. But I’ll worry about that when we get home, for now, I’ll just enjoy :)

    • Seeing the turtles has been such a highlight of this trip! I’ll post more pics when I get home and get my laptop fixed ;)

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