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Meatless Monday – Martha Style

I found this recipe in the April edition of Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine. It appears there (and on her website) almost exactly as I post it below – the one exception is that I’ve “veganized” it by using vegan parmesan cheese. This recipe had me at “one-pan”….well, and oreccehiette and probably olives too! Doesn’t it just look […]

Roasted Squash and Mushroom Pasta

We all know how much I LOVE roasted vegetables…so, when I heard about this Roasted Squash and Mushroom Pasta recipe in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living Everyday Food pullout, I just had to try it! Oh my goodness, I was NOT disappointed! The sweet roasted flavor of the butternut squash went so well […]

Meatless Monday – Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Though I have started writing a post about my blogging “pause” and the reasons, etc., it just seems like a lot more fun to come back with a tasty recipe! AND it’s Meatless Monday, so all the more better to begin this way! I haven’t baked in a while (see blogging is not the only […]

Homestyle Breakfast

Some days, we really keep eating simple around our house…especially breakfast. Having tasty items available from the garden helps a lot, too. One of Pop’s (my hubby) favorite breakfasts are what he calls “Homestyle Breakfasts”. This basically means something hot, fresh, quick and tasty. For this breakfast, I simply added some coconut oil to a […]

Brain Food Bar

Today, my Conscious Box came!! Do you subscribe to this program? I’m subscribed to the “vegan” version and I’m always so happy when it comes and I can sample new vegan snacks and products to see what’s out there. Most of the items that come each month are items I have NOT tried – which […]

Vegan Lasagna (with Tofu)

Happy Meatless Monday! Happy Vegan MoFo 2013! Just happy HAPPY! Today I want to share the vegan lasagna recipe (well, kinda a recipe) that I made last weekend. When I say “kinda” a recipe it’s because most of the time I start with a recipe, but almost always I end up improvising due to a […]

Vegan Vegetable Enchiladas

On an absolute whim, I decided I would make some Vegan Vegetable Enchiladas. I had tortillas, lots of vegetables and time – so what did I have to lose…well, except that I’d never made them before and an enchilada sauce seemed intimidating to me! The sauce was truly the part of the dish that has […]

Martha Stewart Meatless Monday #3

Happy Meatless Monday!! Today I’m sharing a 3rd recipe from Martha Stewart’s new cookbook Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes This week’s recipe is: Lentil and Sweet-Potato Stew Lentils are a good choice for making vegetarian stews, since they don’t require presoaking and take much less time to cook than other legumes. […]

Martha Stewart Meatless Monday #2

Happy Meatless Monday!! Today, I’d like to share another recipe from Martha Stewart’s new cookbook Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes Vegetable-Barley Potpies Filled with a hearty mix of mushrooms, barley, and white beans, these potpies are just as satisfying as more traditional chicken versions. Phyllo dough offers a quicker— and […]

Have a Martha Stewart Meatless Monday

Happy Meatless Monday!! So, did you hear Martha Stewart has a new cookbook out?! It’s called Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes Wouldn’t you know, being as amazing as she is, she would put together a book of meatless recipes to encouraging people to try a healthier lifestyle. YAHOO MARTHA!! For […]

Meatless Monday – Eggplant Casserole

A few weeks ago, my wonderful friend (and second mom) Nancy sent me this DELISH recipe!! I just had to share may even have most of the ingredients in your kitchen now – and it’s super easy to add or modify with what you do have! I’m calling it “Eggplant Casserole”, but it could […]

Meatless Monday – Fall means BAKING

It’s FALL!! Which for me, means it’s time for BAKING!! I’m not sure why, but the cooler weather just makes me feel like baking!! So, to begin this fall baking festival, I decided to bake some simple vegan chocolate chip cookies – with inspiration from “1,000 Vegan Recipes” by Robin Robertson (one of my all-time favorite […]

Meatless Monday – Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

  So, I’ve never tried a raw recipe before. Well, a recipe that is specifically raw that is. I saw this one posted by the Spontaneuous Hausfrau on the Tasty Kitchen site and it just stuck with me. Literally stuck. It just kept popping into my head and I knew I needed to try it. […]

Meatless Monday – Pesto

Vegan Pesto – one word YUM! So very easy to make and so incredibly delicious. Ingredients: 2-3 cups fresh basil leaves 1/2 cup walnuts 3 Tablespoons olive oil 1/2 teaspoon sea salt Pinch of pepper 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon lemon juice vegan parmesan (optional) 1. Toss all ingredients into your food processor… blend […]

Meatless Monday – Wholesome Cuisine

Happy Meatless Monday!! I’m ready to share a new product I tried and LOVED with you! Not long ago, I received this box of Sloppy Joe meatless meals mix from Wholesome Cuisine! Honestly, I was amazed at all the fabulous information the box cover touts. I’m so happy companies are finally making some quick meal […]

Simple Summer Dish – Squash & Zucchini

It’s summer and if you’re invited to any sort of dinner/BBQ and asked to bring a tasty “veggie” dish…here’s one that should work out really well for you! I loved making it because basically other than buying the squash and zucchini, I had all the ingredients (and, in fact, I did have 2 zucchinis ready […]

Peach Pastry

I’m not sure about where you live, but finally fresh peaches are ready for us here this summer! Oh, and I LOVE peaches!! I love their smell, I love their texture and I love them in pretty much any form! I noticed I had some puff pastry in my freezer just waiting to be used […]

Meatless Monday – Recipe Share

Ok, so I didn’t actually cook anything “new” or “exciting” this past week. But that doesn’t mean I have nothing to share on this Meatless Monday!! I decided to look through my Google Reader and share some of the current vegan recipes from some of my favorite blogs! From Kathy Patalsky over at The Lunchbox […]

Couscous, Black Bean & Corn Salad

Happy Meatless Monday everyone!! I made this couscous salad for a bar-b-que we had with the kids yesterday on Mother’s Day. Our first BBQ of the season! This salad was super easy to make – and easy to improvise with if you’re running short of time and have to use what you have on hand […]

Meatless Monday – Cauliflower on the Brain

Truly, lately I’ve had cauliflower on the brain. This has created somewhat of an obsession with this little-used-in-my-house veggie. Let me tell you how it all started… A couple of weeks ago I came across a recipe for a curried-cashew cauliflower dish. The obsession begins… I haven’t made this recipe yet because I keep forgetting […]

For the Love of BEANS!!

As I looked through the recipes I’ve posted throughout the life of this blog, I am amazed how many of them contain BEANS! Therefore, it goes without saying I LOVE BEANS! Thank goodness for that because I think it would be truly hard for me to be a healthy vegan without them! Beans are like […]

Meatless Monday – Mushroom Potpie

Seriously, I think puff pastry is about the best food invention ever! Why do I forget about it so often when it can make the freshest desserts and dishes taste so fancy in a flash. I wonder how hard puff pastry is to make?? hmmm, I’ll have to look at that up. Today, I’m not […]

Meatless Monday – Baked Tomatoes, Squash & Potatoes

I hope you’re ready for a super easy side dish recipe because that is exactly what this one is. Ingredients: 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (and more for drizzling) 1 onion, thinly sliced 2 small potatoes, sliced 1/4-inch thick 1 medium yellow summer squash, sliced 1/4-inch thick 1 medium Yukon gold potato, sliced 1/4-inch […]

Meatless Monday – French Lentil Soup

Ahhh Lentils – a staple in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking. They cook faster than any other legume and provide our bodies with fiber and magnesium. AND they taste yummy!! We had a bit of a cold spell this weekend – I won’t even attempt to compare to the rest of the country, but it […]

Meatless Monday – Lazy Stuffed Peppers

Almost exactly a year ago I posted a similar recipe on stuffed peppers. So, you’re probably asking why am I posting again? The answer is probably because I haven’t made them since then, and I just got reacquainted with how very easy they can be to make – especially if you have a local Trader […]

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